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  • April 23 - End of Year
    Students had the opportunity to take the TSI. This is a college-readiness test accepted by Texas colleges and universities to determine class placement (ie, remedial coursework or credit classes) for those who did not reach the benchmark score on the SAT or ACT. Those who passed earned a 100 on their English III final exam.

    The Great Gatsby
    Watch a video and/or do online research about the infamous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and write notes to create his Facebook profile.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    YouTube Video

    Context and Introduction
    We looked at key historical events that affected the characters in The Great Gatsby. We read the first three pages of Chapter 1 and tried to answer the following questions about the narrator, Nick Carroway:
    1. How does he view people, and how do people tend to treat him?
    2. Where is Nick from? What kind of family?
    3. Where did he graduate from college?
    4. What did he first do after college?
    5. Where did he go next, and why?
    6. He is going to tell us a story about Gatsby… when (season, year) does the story begin?

    We watched the movie, taking notes and discussing along the way. Major grades included writing questions and having a Socratic Seminar, and creating a Blackout Poem with text from The Great Gatsby.

    Blackout Poem Instructions
    Watch this video:

    Blackout Poetry

    Create your poem and attach it to cardstock. On the back, attach an index card with the following:
    In complete sentences and written as a paragraph, explain the mood or tone you gave your poem; what was your anchor word, and why did it appeal to you?; what the poem means to you.

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