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Amanda Ripley: Ask the Kids (American schools are easier)



Spare Parts

Listen to Domingo Martinez read from his memoir The Boy Kings of Texas (on our shelf!) my favorite part, about his sisters and their short time as "The Mimis."

We read about Mindset and how much we are "fixed" or "growth." Now take the quiz to answer How Gritty Are You (printable)? Online Quiz
The O'Henry Pun-Off takes place in Austin each May. See a few past winners here.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Audio Stream

    * Ebook from the University of Adelaide - this version reads just like an ebook, but is available online without having to download it. You can turn
        from page to page or jump to the beginning of a chapter.
    * Ebooks for All - readers can download a free ebook version of Gatsby from this website. It's available in PDF format or EPub format. From this
        site, readers can download the full text of The Great Gatsby to their computer, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, or other electronic book reader. 
        A great option for anyone who wants to download a copy to access repeatedly.
    * Website from Ref-It - this "interactive book" looks like a website. There's a link for each chapter of the novel. You can't "turn pages"
        though, so there's a lot of scrolling involved in getting to the later part of each chapter. However, this website also features a search box,
        where you can enter any term and it will tell you where that term appears in the novel. For example, a search for "green light" brings up
        specific passages in chapters 1, 5, and 9. This is an awesome tool for locating specific passages, but beware--it only searches for exactly the
        words you enter, so related ideas will not come up in your search.
    * Website from Public Bookshelf - this website allows readers to move from page to page or skip directly to the start of each chapter. It also
        allows readers to adjust the text size, so it's a great tool for anyone who wants a large-print version.

The Crucible

Stacy Schiff on her new book (Oct. 2015) about the Salem witch trials. (article and link to full audio; 3 min. video, 24 min. full video interview)

Metaphorically Speaking...Who Said It? Jeopardy game. (edit:

Don't think the crazy accusations of toddlers alone is enough to put people in jail for 20 years? Read this article.
Don't think modern girls could fall into mass hysteria? Read this article or watch this news clip.

Popcorn the Poetry Slam Prodigy: a reading (2:18) or full story (9:34)

Early American Literature
...leads to Middle Passage (3)
The Natives and English Settlers (first 4 minutes are on Jamestown)
Jamestown - Colonization (winner!) (2:54)
Pilgrim Rap (3:12)
Pocahantas Meets John Smith (6 long minutes, but I can't resist the excellent use of ABBA)

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