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Whether writing a report or presenting to the class, remember you must be specific. An adjective like "interesting" or "boring" must always be followed up with a specific example of what was and how it was so.

Listen to a Story.
The Moth and Story Collider are just two options to listen to good storytelling on your own headphones. Choose a selection and write a short report on it: what it was about (summarize), what was the tone (serious, humorous, eerie, informative...), and your response to it. More resources: Levar Burton reads short storiesThe 14 Most Addicting Storytelling Podcasts.

Connally Theater: Write a review.
Lost in Translation? Listen to this podcast to learn about the guy who collected hundreds of translations of an old French poem into English and see how word choice makes a difference! Write your response that includes what you found most interesting, and what new questions you came up with.
Going to the movies? Write a review!
Must include a short summary and description of the two main characters. Then your personal reaction: did you relate to a character? (and why); what would have made the movie better? Can you find a theme in it? Think of theme as the story being an example of what people should or shouldn't do; for example, you could say one theme of The Hunger Games is that people shouldn't trust the media, especially if it is government-run.
Going to a game? Describe it in detail.
Use specific adjectives of the full sensory experience: taste, touch, sight, sound, smell.
Write a good ending to Shirley Jackson's unfinished short story.

Mindset: Read about Mindset and think about if you are "fixed" or "growth." Now take the quiz to answer How Gritty Are You (printable)? Online Quiz
Visit the O'Henry Museum in Austin.
It's free! Also a good place to take a date; you can complain about your English teacher making you do this the whole time. Read one (or two, or three...) of his short stories before you go. Write a report on the story, what you saw at the museum, and your response to it all OR give a short presentation to your class on it.

Go to a Concert.
Writing isn't the only art that uses devices to communicate a theme or set a tone; good music does this as well. For example, punk music was usually about anger and confusion, and that's why it is usually loud and chaotic. Good music can be found in all genres, but for the sake of this assignment, let's go with classical. Check out the Connally Orchestra performance schedule! There are also a lot of other opportunities in our area. Bring back a program and write a short report on how the musical elements (instrument choices, tempo, volume, assonance or dissonance) created a theme.

Out in the World.
Use your camera phone to capture a photo of poetry terms in the real world (an alliterative advertisement?) OR catch some bad grammar or misspellings. Send them to holly.castille@pfisd.net.

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