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March 25 - April 8

posted Mar 26, 2019, 2:37 PM by Holly Castille   [ updated Apr 15, 2019, 12:29 PM ]
Personal Narrative (aka college application essay).

March 24-25
Students made a list of 21 Details About You. My list included: I put cinnamon on my cereal; I am still in touch with my 3rd grade teacher; I'm still searching for a good pillow. A few from student lists included: I fall in love every 10 minutes; I want to be in a world of magic; my favorite war is the Spanish-American War; I pray 5 prayers every day.

We listened to Ishamel Beeah's story "Unusual Normality" and discussed his imagery and message.

March 27-28
A Day students had a presentation from the Connally College and Career Center and a USMC representative.

We listened to Dante Jackson tell a story about a night that changed them (read transcripts here) and discussed the details and imagery that made his story better.

Students reviewed brainstorming organizers (the "Challenges" essay and the "Identity" or "Goals" essay) and chose a subject for their personal narrative/college application essay.

March 29-April 1
We listened to Maryam Zaringhalam explain how she became smart because she cheated in fourth grade (read transcripts here) and discussed the devices she used to support her thesis.

Students wrote a rough draft of their essay.

April 2-3
Students selected new independent reading books in the library and then edited/revised their essays.

April 4-8
Students typed their essays in Google Classroom and turned them in electronically.